Lignano in Fiore 2019

Dal 20/04/19 al 01/05/19 Conference, meeting, exhibition (Parco Hemingway)

Even this year the event "Lignano in Fiore" welcomes the spring in Lignano Sabbiadoro with a lot of flowers, events and especially with the smile...

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45th Regata dei Due Golfi - Sailing regatta

Dal 24/04/19 al 28/04/19 Sailing

24 to 28 April takes place on the sea facing the beach of Lignano Sabbiadoro the 43rd Regata dei Due Golfi, a sailing regatta classes ORC - IRC.

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4th Triathlon Sprint "Città di Lignano Sabbiadoro" - Memorial Renzo Ardito

Data 27/04/19 Sport (Piazza Marcello d'Olivo)

For the fourth year, the association triathlon Lignano Sabbiadoro organizes the sprint competition Città di Lignano Sabbiadoro - Memorial Renzo...

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6th Amphibianman Swimrun Lignano Basic Distance

Data 28/04/19 Sport (Bella Italia EFA Village)

28 April Lignano hosts the 6th Amphibianman Swimrun Lignano Basic Distance, qualifier for the 2019 IWC World Aquaticrunner XTriM Border...

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1st Duathlon Kids City of Lignano "Trofeo Bella Italia Village"

Data 28/04/19 Sport (Piazza Marcello D'Olivo)

The city of Lignano Sabbiadoro welcomes for the first time the Duathlon Kids, a competition anly for kids and teen. This kind of competition has...

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No Matter Competition

Data 01/05/19 Sport (Bella Italia EFA Village)

In Lignano takes place the 1st No Matter Competition. It is a competition on obstacle course, organized by the association Ta.Bu. A.P.D., where...

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Sports festival 2019

Dal 04/05/19 al 05/05/19 Sport (Parco San Giovanni Bosco, Beach Arena, Wind village c/o Ufficio spiaggia 6/7 Sabbiadoro)

Even this year Lignano celebrates the sports clubs of the seaside resort. During this weekend, there will be shows, competitions and performances...

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Lignano Sup Marathon 2019

Data 05/05/19 Sport (Ufficio Spiaggia 7 - Bar Aurora)

The Sup Marathon is a long distance race of 23km, passing through 4 amazing...

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33rd Biker Fest International

Dal 09/05/19 al 12/05/19 Fair, folklore (Zona Lunapark, Terrazza a Mare e parcheggio Stadio G. Teghil)

Even this year the "Mecca" of the International Custom will be Lignano Sabbiadoro, with the best Italian and European motorcycle trainers with a...

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Lignano Sunset Run Half Marathon

Data 18/05/19 Sport (Lungomare Kechler)

The half marathon will touch the most beautiful places in the city, from Pineta to Sabbiadoro passing through Riviera. In some points of the route,...

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Vasco NonStopLive 2019

Data 27/05/19 Music (Stadio Comunale G. Teghil)

Confirmed the concert in Lignano Sabbiadoro of the new Vasco Rossi tour "Vasco NonStopLive 2019"! For the third time it will be the municipal...

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Beach Volley Tournament: King & Queen Competition

Dal 01/06/19 al 02/06/19 Sport (Beach Arena - Uff. n. 6/7 Sabbiadoro)

The "Carovana dei Beachers" organizes the beach volley tournament King & Queen Competition at the Beach Arena in Lignano Sabbiadoro. The place...

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10th National Gommonautics Club Meeting

Dal 08/06/19 al 09/06/19 Sport

On Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th June the 10th national gathering of the rubber boat clubs takes place between the Lagoon of the Lagoons of Caorle,...

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Easy Fish - Northern Adriatic Fish Festival

Dal 14/06/19 al 16/06/19 Food and wine (Terrazza a Mare)

"Easy Fish" is the festival of the Northern Adriatic fish, which takes place in Terrazza a Mare in Lignano Sabbiadoro from Friday 14th June to...

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Junior Beach Rugby 2019

Dal 15/06/19 al 16/06/19 Sport (Beach Arena - Uff. spiaggia 6/7)

5th Junior beach rugby tournament in Lignano Sabbiadoro, at the Beach Arena. Have fun and enjoy sport!

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Premio Hemingway - Lignano Sabbiadoro - XXXV edizione

Dal 20/06/19 al 22/06/19 Conference, meeting, exhibition (Kursaal - Lungomare R. Riva, 1 - Lignano Sabbiadoro (Ud).)

Il Premio Ernest Hemingway di Lignano Sabbiadoro è un prestigioso evento letterario giunto nel 2019 alla XXXV edizione.Ma è anche l’occasione...

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Concert for the summer solstice

Data 21/06/19 Music (Punta Faro Beach)

Lignano Sabbiadoro celebrates the summer solstice with a wonderful concert on the beach at the break of day. After the great success of the last...

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Ultimo - Colpa delle Favole tour

Data 29/06/19 Music (Stadio Comunale G. Teghil)

The Teghil stadium in Lignano Pineta hosts the date zero of the "Colpa delle Favole Tour" by Ultimo!
This date is the anticipation of the last date...

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Jova Beach Party

Data 06/07/19 Music (Bella Italia EFA Village)

July 6th takes place on the beach in Lignano the 1st stage of the new tour of Jovanotti: "Jova Beach Party"! Jova Beach Party is much more than a...

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30th International Athletics Meeting "Sport Solidarietà"

Data 09/07/19 Sport (Stadio Teghil)

The association "Nuova Atletica dal Friuli" organizes the 30th International Athletics Meeting “Sport Solidarietà” with Olympic and world...

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Super Beach 5's Rugby 2019

Dal 13/07/19 al 14/07/19 Sport (Beach arena - Uff. n. 6/7 Sabbiadoro)

Lignano Sabbiadoro is the center of the beach rugby with the Super Beach 5's Rugby!  Teams coming from all over Europe will compete at...

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Concert Negrita "25th Anniversary Tour"

Data 16/07/19 Music (Arena Alpe Adria)

In the Arean Alpe Adria in Lignano Sabbiadoro takes place the concert of the Italian rock band Negrita, that celebrates its 25 years with the "25th...

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Mi Games Lignano 2019

Dal 18/07/19 al 21/07/19 Sport (Piazza Marcello D'Olivo)

MI GAMES is the biggest multi-sport tour in Italy and also this summer arrives in Lignano Sabbiadoro, in Piazza Marcello D'Olivo.
The event, born...

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Concert Irama "#Giovanipersempre Tour"

Data 19/07/19 Music (Arena Alpe Adria)

After the success of the 69th San Remo Festival with the song "La ragazza col cuore di latta", the rising star of Italian music arrives in the...

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Lignano Open Water Swim

Data 21/07/19 Sport (Spechio acqueo antistante la spiaggia della Bella Italia Village)

Third edition of the Lignano Open Water Swim Competition 3.5, open water competition for registered athletes and swimming enthusiasts, organized...

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Samsung Lega Volley Summer Tour 2019

Dal 26/07/19 al 28/07/19 Sport (Beach Arena, Uff. spiaggia 6/7)

At the Beach Arena in Lignano Sabbiadoro a wonderful beach-volleyball-weekend with the best female players in the Italian A series.

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The Color Run 2019

Data 27/07/19 Sport (percorso cittadino)

After the incredible success of the last summer, comes back in Lignano Sabbiadoro the most colorful running event: The Color Run! We are waiting...

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Concert Nomadi "Tutta la vita"

Data 04/08/19 Music (Arena Alpe Adria)

Sunday, August 4th at 9:30 pm the Alpe Adria Arena in Lignano Sabbiadoro hosts the Nomadi concert "Tutta la vita". The longest-lived band in Italy...

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W Lignano Air Show 2019

Data 11/08/19 Fair, folklore (specchio acqueo antistante arenile - Uff. spiaggia 11 Sabbiadoro)

On Sunday 11th August, the traditional W Lignano Air Show with the participation of the Frecce Tricolori takes place in Lignano. The show will...

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Salmo - Playlist Summer Tour

Data 12/08/19 Music (Beach Arena - Uff. n. 6/7 Sabbiadoro)

Another great concert in Lignano! Monday August 12th the Beach Arena presents the concert of Salmo with its "Playlist Summer Tour".
Salmo brings...

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Offspring in concert

Data 15/08/19 Music (Stadio Comunale G. Teghil)

Lignano Sunset Festival 2019 hosts the concerto of the punk rock band The Offspring! The concert starts at 21:30 at the Teghil stadium in Lignano...

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Festival Show 2019

Data 20/08/19 Music (Beach Arena - Ufficio Spiaggia 7 Sabbiadoro)

The Festival Show comes also this year in Lignano Sabbiadoro at the Beach Arena for an evening of great Italian and international music on the...

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Lignano Sup Race 2019

Data 01/09/19 Sport (Piazza Marcello D'Olivo)

Even this year Lignano hosts the Sup Race, the competition of Stand Up Paddle! The Stund Up Paddle is a quite new discipline in our waters, but it...

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Italian Archery Championships

Dal 06/09/19 al 08/09/19 Sport (Stadio Comunale G. Teghil)

At the G. Teghil municipal stadium in Lignano Pineta, the Italian Archery Championships take place. The event will award individual and team medals.

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Aquaticrunner Individual World Championship 2019

Data 08/09/19 Sport (Piazza Marcello D'Olivo)

Aquaticrunner is an halfmarathon part swimming and part running from Grado to Lignano Sabbiadoro, across the 5 islands of the Marano Lagoon. This...

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Andy Warhol: Pop Art in Lignano

Dal 08/09/19 al 13/10/19 Exhibition (Terrazza a Mare)

8th September to 13th Ocotber hosts Terrazza a Mare in Lignano an incredible exhibition: "Andy Warhol: Pop Art in Lignano". Soon more information.

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Campionati Italiani Triathlon Sprint 2019

Dal 28/09/19 al 29/09/19 Sport (Piazza Marcello D'Olivo)

Lignano ospita i Campionati Italiani Triathlon Sprint 2018, la gara più importante dell'anno in questo ultimo fine settimana di Settembre. Con...

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Lignano Bike Marathon 2019

Data 13/10/19 Sport

Even this year Lignano hosts the Lignano Bike Marathon, a race with mountain bike between the pinewoods in the city, from the river Tagliamento to...

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31st Championship Autumn of Laguna - Regatta

Data 10/11/19 Sailing (Lignano - Caorle - Lignano)

Again in Lignano the autumn regatta for the classes ORC organized by the Yacht Club Lignano. The regatta is open to all, it takes place in the...

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